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DongGuan DesteIndustryCo.,Ltd.
DongGuan DesteIndustryCo.,Ltd.
Dongguan Este Industry Co. Ltd
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  We complete ODM samples in just 15 days Over 1 million pieces monthly | 3-year warranties | MOQ: ,000 Offering Decors under “Deste” Brand since 1992. 
  Dongguan Deste Industry was established in 1992 as a professional company to manufacture decors used in homes and gardens under the brand “Deste”.
  Using Three Factories to Complete Your Volume Orders We own eight factories covering 10,000 square meters in total, with advanced machines that enable us to turn out around 1 million artificial flowers and 10,000 artificial trees monthly. About 95% of our output is for export, with our main markets being the US, the UK, Canada, Japan, Russia, Australia, Germany and France. We also aim to explore the markets of South Korea, South Africa and Southeast Asia in the future. Our turnover last year reached million. Get ODM Samples in 15 Days
  With over three years of experience, our 13 engineers release three new designs monthly to keep you selection updated as well as can finish ODM samples in 15 days. Having our own molding workshop with 20 people, we provide copper molds as well. Products Carrying a Three-year Warranty
  Our QC personnel, with over three years of experience, oversee each production process to ensure high quality. For your added assurance, we offer a warranty of three years for all our products. Orders Starting at ,000 Worth Our six   English- and Japanese-speaking sales personnel are looking forward to serving you. Start working with us today by placing an order worth ,000.